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For a while now, I have seen everyone from old college friends to random people I follow on Instagram posting about this place called Union Square Donuts in Somerville, MA. Everyone kept raving about how awesome this place was, so after about a year and a half of this, I finally made the trek over to their Somerville location.

It was surprisingly easy for me to get over there, I just hopped on the 86 bus to a bit past Harvard Square. I met my friend Courtney there who just started a sugar detox, clearly I am a terrible friend for making someone who is cutting back on sugar go to a sugar-laden paradise.

When we got there, a huge group had confiscated all of the tables for themselves, so we settled with getting drinks and trying to wait the group out. Our patience paid off, and after a short wait the group left. We were then free to order food, because we actually had a table in which to sit.

This place had such a nice vibe, a super friendly staff who really seem to like what they do and a great product to produce. While there I tried their maple bacon donut, which was the perfect balance of sweet and savory. Obviously this is a famously beloved combo these days, but why mess with success.

The night before my boyfriend asked that I bring some donuts home for him as well, so I ordered an array of their donuts featuring the maple bacon, sea salted bourbon caramel, brown butter hazelnut crunch, and pb+j donuts. All but one of the donuts made it back to my apartment without damage. The pb+j donut was the casualty of that lengthy public transportation trip home.

Here’s a few photos of the donuts I got home, the last of which shows the tiniest bit of the pb+j donut. If half of the frosting didn’t end up on the lid of the box I would have taken photos of that one as well. Enjoy!!















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