Spicy & Smoky Almonds, the NFL Playoffs Snack.

I will start off by saying, this recipe was originally made for my family as holiday treats. However, I got a bit busy in the last month with an exceeding large amount of traveling. This is the reason why I took a hiatus from my blogging here. Like most people, I was traveling a lot over the holidays. Add in two trips to Florida and a weekend trip to NYC and you have the reason I have been so absent in my blogging. Anyways, I loved this recipe so much that I thought about how I could repurpose it. It came to me this past weekend when I was watching the NFL playoff game between the Patriots and the Ravens (super happy the Patriots won by the way). While watching the game at House of Brews in NYC with my boyfriend, sister, and brother in law, we were doing the typical noshing on bar snacks and drinking beer. Later that afternoon I was feeling pretty full from the heavy snacks we had during the game. So I give you a simple snack that is both healthy and tasty that you could serve while watching the NFL playoff games coming up. Thanks to Popsugar for this […]