Janna’s Branding Session

This was a very special session for me, one of my good friends from growing up launched her new business this year and asked if I would help her in creating the first images of her new business.   Janna works as an estate attorney, and recently partnered with a family law attorney to start their own business. When we had our first call, we discussed the look she wanted to convey with her business and what message she wanted to send to her clients. Since most people don’t always think of lawyers in an easygoing, approachable light this is what she wanted to convey.   In her type of law, she is helping families to deal with the inevitable issue we all have to deal with…what happens when we pass away. From conversations with her I really learned the importance of planning and how that helps families when they deal with this incredibly difficult situation. It’s a very noble field that she’s in, wanting to assist families and ease the pain of a loved one passing away.   So what we worked on capturing in her session was lifestyle headshots/working shots that aren’t stiff and show how she is […]