Musings of a Curvy Lady

I reached out to Thamarr when she said she was looking for a Boston area photographer to work with while she was here visiting her friend Nataly. This is the beauty of social media, connecting us all to work on awesome collaborations. I met the two of them on an incredibly cold April day, where I made sure we had a few indoor locations to run into if we needed.   These two were total pros, they would throw off their coats to take photos and then when we were done ran and put their coats back on. You cannot even tell it was a super chilly day by the images, that’s how good they are.   I was super excited to work with Thamarr because her blog, Musings of a Curvy Lady, is all about body-positive fashion, dressing for your curves. As someone who grew up as a teenager not feeling happy about my body, this kind of body-positive message really resonates with me. I love that she is showing the best fashion to accentuate your curves because there isn’t just a one size fits all fashion. Her blog is something I wish I had to look at when […]