Apple Muffins to Make for Apple Season

So as per our usual tradition, my boyfriend and I headed to Honey Pot Hill Orchard a few weeks ago to go apple picking. I love this orchard, they have so many different varieties of apples and a pretty big space of land from which to pick. Also, they have by far the best cider donuts in New England. While we got the bigger bag for the apples,  I usually go through them fast so it isn’t usually a problem. This year despite eating an apple every day for lunch, adding it to salads, desserts, etc I still had so many left. I went back into the depths of my Pinterest baked goods board and found this recipe that is originally from Baked Perfection for apple cupcakes with a caramel icing. I have made this recipe a few times over the years and actually found it works best as more of an apple muffin recipe without any icing. So given my excess of apples, I decided to make this recipe again. This was once again an awesome choice, it’s a relatively easy recipe and tastes really great. Also, it provides an easy breakfast for at least a week. The way I made […]

Apples to Apples

The quintessential fall activity in my mind is apple picking. I didn’t get into this until moving up to New England, but now it is a must for every fall. The one bad thing is that you either get a relatively small bag (think this is what little children can carry around) or an extremely large bag. So that usually leaves me with a lot of apples. This year I wanted to try something different, so I made applesauce. One mistake I did make though was not peeling all of the apples beforehand. So word to the wise, peel the apples or it will create a less smooth applesauce. Hope you all are enjoying fall and are creating some wonderful fall recipes of your own. I will post a few more apple recipes and my attempts to make them before the end of the fall. If you want to check out an awesome orchard, you should go to Honey Pot Hill Orchard in Stow, MA.