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This week we’ve been sharing some behind-the-scenes peeks of what a branding photo shoot looks like. We’ve already shared the inspiration for the shoot [here] and how Roberta West of The Romanticist Studios planned the shoot [here]. Today, I’m going to give you an exclusive look at what actually happens during a shoot day. These are the moments, tasks, and props that all come together to create gorgeous styled stock photography customized to a specific brand.

Brand Shoot Graphic 3

The branding shoot for Christine Dore Trant was held at The Romanticist Studios; all four of us coordinated to arrive mid-morning, so we could take full advantage of the studio’s large windows and natural light. Roberta prepared the space by creating both an office space vignette and a comfy client meeting space vignette.

When we all arrived ready and raring to go, Kate Yenrick of Yennygrams set to work creating the beautiful watercolor abstract paintings and calligraphy pieces of Christine’s marketing phrases. Christine unpacked the crate full of goodies she brought from home–depression glass pieces, antique mason jars, a throw blanket, and some homemade macarons!

Roberta and I conferred about how to set up the space to make the best use of the light. We played some photographer magic with white boards to ensure each of the vignette spaces were clear of dark shadows or poor-lighting spots.

As we worked throughout the day, I captured each pose and styled setup from different angles and depth in both portrait and landscape, to ensure Christine had plenty of options to choose from, and give her the flexibility to use different frames, depending on how she’d need to use the photo.

By the end of the day, we shot more than half a dozen different setups and scenes from a multitude of perspectives, giving Christine all of the branded imagery she needed to give her business a visual online presence.

Tomorrow, we’ll share some behind-the-scenes peeks of the shoot!

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