Peach and Prosciutto Three Cheese Pizza

Last week, I talked to you all about my recent trip to Belkin Family Lookout Farm. I even convinced a few friends of mine to head there on their own peach picking trip. One thing that I always do as soon as I go fruit picking is to look for recipes that I can make with that fruit. Usually I look through Pinterest and recipe websites that I love. One site that I have found multiple awesome recipes is Cooking Classy, and that is where I found this recipe for a three cheese peach and prosciutto pizza with fresh basil and a honey balsamic reduction.

I was a little worried at first because I had never made a reduction like the honey balsamic reduction required in the recipe. Luckily, it went well and didn’t stick to the pan. I will say, the one shortcut that I took with this recipe is that I bought the pizza dough. Whole Foods sells some pretty decent pizza dough, so I felt like that is an acceptable short cut to make.

This recipe was awesome, it made some incredibly delicious pizza. I always love recipes that blend the sweet and savory flavors and this pizza recipe does this incredibly well. Prosciutto and peaches go really well together. It really was a relatively easy recipe to make too, the reduction took about 20 minutes to make but after that it was pretty straight forward. The pizza lasted me a while as well and provided quite a number of meals worth of sustenance.

As the last few weeks of summer wind down, it is worth making as many of these summer fruit recipes as possible. I know that I am buying up as many summer fruits as possible to work into my daily diet. Hope you all are having a fabulous August so far!!
















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