Ikea Bar Cart Hack

I know I said I would be blogging on the regular, but I had a few things come up in the last month. I started working freelance a few days a week at this awesome place called The Grommet. Between that and wedding season, my photo work has eaten up almost every free moment I have had as of late. Still adjusting to the new schedule, so hopefully I will be able to blog at least once a week now that I have my life a bit more organized.

Anyways, something fun that I have neglected to blog about was my first ever Ikea hack. I decided to start small because I haven’t DIYed anything beyond food recipes 🙂 I had all of these really cool glasses and cocktail accessories given to me from family and friends, and wanted a cute bar cart to put them on. When I looked for bar carts online, everything seemed way too expensive for my budget. So, the next thing I did was look on Pinterest for inexpensive bar cart options, which is when I happened upon a DIY for an Ikea cart that was made to be a bar cart. This one looked relatively easy as far as DIYs go, pretty much just spray painting the frame. After I purchased the Bygel cart from Ikea, I headed over to Michael’s to grab Krylon Gold Metallic spray paint and then got to work.

First off, I really wish I had somewhere outside to spray the cart but alas living in the city without yardspace has it’s downfalls. I had to open every window in my apartment, it was crazy. I spray painted the cart three times and so far the paint has really held up. I got a few of those Poppin trays from The Container Store to organize the glasses a bit and bought some colorful straws and just put it in a regular mason jar.

I am so excited to have such a cute looking bar cart to display these glasses that I had no room for prior. Stay tuned, next week I will have some fall cocktails to try out in honor of my new bar cart.





A simple way to hold the straws is just to throw them in a mason jar, cute and very easy. I received this little piece of art from my sister Heather a few years ago and this seemed like a great place to display it.



These glasses, pitcher, and stirrer were all birthday gifts from my sister on my 28th birthday. This is what gave me momentum for the bar cart.



These beautifully etched glasses were a gift passed down to me from my grandmother, I am so glad I have a nice place to show these off.



One last group of shot glasses, was a gift from my friend Janna. Lastly, what would a bar cart be without its alcohol. I keep a few staples around such a Bacardi Rum, Tito’s Vodka, Lime Juice, and bitters.

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