Gruyere Bacon Mac and Cheese

Continuing on with the comfort food theme that I touched upon last week with cookies, I decided this week since it was pretty chilly to make one of the most beloved comfort foods: mac and cheese. I looked around a bit to try to find a recipe that was a little less traditional, to elevate the flavors to a new level.

This week I made Gruyere Bacon Mac and Cheese. I chose this recipe from Damn Delicious blog, recipe here. Now I wanted a thicker sauce for the mac and cheese, so I started a roux before adding in the heavy cream part of this recipe. If you do not know how to make a roux, this is a great guide: how to make a roux

If you like a less creamy sauce then I would follow the original recipe step by step.

This was the perfect meal for a cold November night and the best part is this mac and cheese has bacon, and everything is better with bacon ­čÖé















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